“Events and Other So-Called Virtues” in OSU Dance Downtown

Posted on October 8, 2015 by admin in teaching
Photo by Shannon Drake

Bebe and dancers at beginning of rehearsal in Barnett Theatre. Photo by Shannon Drake

Dance Downtown
Fri-Sat Nov 13-14, 2015 8pm
Capitol Theatre, Riffe Center

Bebe Miller is choreographing a new repertory work, Events and Other So-Called Virtues,¬†with OSU Dance students for the upcoming Dance Downtown show. Cast member and OSU Dance graduate student Rachel Freeburg describes the experience of being in Bebe’s rehearsal:

“Bebe masterfully crafts what is happening in the rehearsal room. Any movement, happening, or scene, arising from her or the students becomes more of what it is, morphs into a whole other beast, and then refines itself into something poetic.”

Another dancer, undergraduate dance major Maddie Leonard-Rose, reflects on her experience in the work:

“Working with Bebe feels like embarking on a walkabout. The journey is utterly honest, as it seeks only to further understand itself. There is an end point (the piece, the performance) but there is nothing to be learned in rushing there. Bebe heads our troupe with unfaltering curiosity and willingness to give time to any idea that requests it”

The show also features work by other OSU faculty and visiting artists Daniel Roberts, Eddie Taketa, Mitchell Rose, Norah Zuniga-Shaw, and Dave Covey. Reserve your tickets here.


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