January 3, 2017

Thank You!

Many thanks to our friends who contributed to the Company this holiday season! Your gift goes toward our newest project, The Making Room. ┬áStay tuned …

Woosters and Shakers

Bebe Miller is to perform Early Shaker Spirituals in Tokyo, Japan December 22-23rd as part of Sound Live Tokyo. She has been performing in the production since 2014, including performances in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Antwerp, and Brooklyn. Cynthia Hedstrom, Elizabeth LeCompte, Frances McDormand and Suzzy Roche sing the songs while Matthew Brown, Modesto Jimenez, Bobby McElver, Bebe Miller and Andrew Schneider join as dancers…

Bebe Miller curates DoublePlus show at Gibney

The DoublePlus series at Gibney Dance Center in NYC embraces the artist-as-curator format to present emerging and under-exposed artists chosen by mentor-choreographers. Bebe Miller chose Abby Zbikowski and Maree ReMalia to show their works Destabilizer and now is now respectively to Gibney audiences…

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