“…magical…unexpectedly filled with allusive mystery.”

-The New York Times, 2008

Necessary Beauty

To paraphrase Einstein, “the most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mysterious.” NECESSARY BEAUTY conjures the rhythm of action and memory – and that fleeting clarity a second look can provide. Comprised of intimate, multimedia segments for six dancers, NECESSARY BEAUTY continues a line of investigation into the convergence of dance, theater and digital technology that resulted in the Bessie award-winning work Landing/Place, and features the same creative team: choreographer/director Bebe Miller, video artist Maya Ciarrocchi, animator Vita Berezina-Blackburn, dramaturg Talvin Wilks, lighting designer Michael Mazzola and composer Albert Mathias. Joining the team with provocative new text is writer Ain Gordon. Performers include Angie Hauser, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Kristina Isabelle, Cynthia Oliver and Yen-Fang Yu, along with Bebe Miller.

Choreographer Bebe Miller is a master of ‘story-ness,’ an exploration of intention and focus that feel like history and future at play. Our key words for the collaborative process – unseen influence and fleeting clarity – have found a metaphor in Dark Matter’s invisible effect on the galaxies it encounters, as well as the passing epiphanies of overheard conversations and simple domestic intimacies. So: story-ness and physics, intention and focus, gravity and light reveal themselves in Dark Matter that dances.

To view a video excerpt of this work, visit our Media page.

Choreography and Direction: Bebe Miller

Dramaturgy: Talvin Wilks

Music: Albert Mathias; Henry Purcell

Animation Design: Vita Berezina-Blackburn

Video Design: Maya Ciarrocchi

Lighting Design: Michael Mazzola

Text: Ain Gordon, in collaboration with the performers

Costume Construction: Mary Yaw McMullen

Premiere: Wexner Center for the Arts, 2008

“Their beauty is soul-deep. It resides in dancers’ bones, muscles, and sinews—sometimes blurry, sometimes startlingly clear.”
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice, 2008

“…flawlessly constructed…emotions… seep slowly into the soul so that they go right along with you as you exit the theater.”
– The Columbus Dispatch, 2008

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